08-12 June 2014

Varna, Bulgaria

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This triennial (now biennial) meeting brings together physicists, chemists, materials and electronics engineers from universities, research institutions and industry who are involved in various studies and applications of electron beam techniques and technologies.

The conference is one of a series which started in 1985 in Varna, which has remained the venue for all subsequent meetings. During the period from the First International Conference on EBT there have been great advances in the field. The success of the nine events of this series clearly demonstrated that the scientist and engineers, working in the academia and research and development laboratories of industry continue to make contributions to technology development of community life, based on knowledge. The content of this Proceeding shows a great scope of activities and a big potential of developed technologies to increase efficiency of industrial fabrication, to create new products and to improve the life standards.

Electron beam technologies celebrate now 50 years from the first machines and industrial technologies based of application of intense electron beams in vacuum. In the Proceedings of Conferences on EBT in Varna, organized during the last 30 years is traced the history of ideas, the basic objectives in our field. Personal success of two-three generations researchers could be also seen. As an example of the flexibility of the subject of interest of participation organizations now I could point out, that nanotechnology investigations, different than electron lithography (that topic has other conferences that are held in the same time with ours), and a group of sophisticated modern surface treatment methods could focus the reader attention, together with the remarkable conventional topics as beam physics and generation, electron beam welding, electron beam melting and refining, electron beam evaporation & deposition of functional coatings and electron accelerator applications for modification of various materials. This year a strong group of papers devoted on plasma participation in the generation of beams and interaction of beams with materials could be noted.

This and all ten previous conferences of this series have provided an excellent forum for exchange of results and experience in the development of EB technologies and also were a place for forging human links and for developing learning and understanding between participants. They are also a place to search for partners for cooperative programs of work and to make business contacts.